Cervical Fluid Types – Recording Cervical Fluid Patterns

All Cervical Fluid Types – Recording Cervical Fluid Patterns

Cervical fluid is produced by cervix because of increased estrogen level, as women reach ovulation stage. It begins from the cervix into the vagina where it can easily view. Typical cervical fluid patterns changes all through women cycle. It’s increase in amount and quality, as women closer to their ovulation. Every young girl or women do not experiences each type of cervical mucus.

Females journey to become pregnant will complete if once understand various types of cervical fluid patterns and how to recognize most fertile period or peak days. CF discharge type and complete vaginal sensation (wet or dry) must be observed during the day and put down on fertility spreadsheet.

Women experience variety in lavishness, regularity, color and fertile superiority in CF nature because of mounting level of estrogen within the first step of her cycle. This spreadsheet chart will help in recording cervical mucus patterns and increase chances of conception. It is necessarily to track cervical fluid kind every single day up to 3 months when willing to get pregnancy. Cervical fluid form can be dry, sticky, creamy, or egg white texture. The chart below provides the information for cervical mucus category to determine ovulation:-

Cervical fluid fertility spreadsheet helps in track of fertile signs instead of basal body temperature method of charting. Everyone wants to increase fertility in her cervical fluid. Cervical fluid during ovulation looks egg white. This will help to know the most fertile days of women period cycle. Below are common types of cervical fluid discharge during menstrual cycle.

Cervical Discharge Types

Dry or Light Moisture – INFERTILE

If observe dryness outer of vagina, it means she has no CF. Start of cycle and before ovulation women may deliver no fluid or a small amount of moisture. Dry cervical fluid type may begin right before period. In chart women can record it as dry or light Moisture if no cervical fluid present. Most of feel dryness before ovulation after period and after ovulation. Overall sensation is not wet at this time.

Gummy or Sticky – INFERTILE

Cervical fluid then converts to feeling sticky for a cycle of 2 – 3 days. Prior to ovulation, may judge sticky cervical fluid. Have experience stickiness in fingers when touch it. In spreadsheet count is as gummy, glue-like stiff or crumbly, breaches quickly & easily and not easily stretched. In color it could be yellowish or white but also be cloudy/clear.

 Like Creamy, Milky, Lotion – FERTILE

When near about to ovulation, will find creamy looking, thicker cervical fluid. This mucous seems and feels comparable to lotion. In this phase mucus color can be white or yellow or cloudy/clear, similar to milk or cream. This kind of discharge can stretch a bit and break easily. Cervical fluid now turn into much more rich and will feel wet from 2 – 4 days. In general vaginal sensation is wet. It can be productive for women’s.

Watery Cervical Fluid – FERTILE

Watery cervical mucus is wet and can be stretchy. You will notice this kind of CF secretion during ovulation or before having egg white cervical mucus. This kind can be most productive cervical fluid or may get it before get egg white cervical mucus or may not obtain this type of discharge at all.

Egg white Cervical Fluid – VERY FERTILE

It looks like egg whites and is clear, slippery and stretchy during ovulation. This is women most abundant cervical mucus discharge. Charting “egg white” if cervical fluid looks at all like egg whites.  It can be like stretchy and clear, slippery or clear tinged with white, or even clear tinged with pink. Try it to stretch it connecting between thumb and index finger.

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