Cervical Position to Check Cervix

Best Cervical Position to Check Cervix

Cervical position is a method used by women to observe menstrual cycle and best fertility time in month. This process also used to checking cervix for signs of ovulation and pregnancy.

For the period of ovulation, cervical position change like cervical mucus. Checking cervical positioning helps in clarify difference between fertile cervical mucus and left over semen from sex (which can show up for a couple days after sex).

Every women has different monthly cycle, during this condition every women notice a change in cervical position and texture of cervix. This article related is to instructions and checking methods of different positions of the cervix during menstrual cycle, ovulation and pregnancy.

Cervical Position Checking Tips

  • Checking the cervical position could be done after shower. Keep nail trim and wash hand properly before checking cervix. Females are advised, do not use cervical position method if having a problem of yeast infection.
  • In toilet, put one leg at edge of commode and feel comfort position for checking cervical position. Apply always same position to check cervix. Softly insert fingers into the vagina as feel comfort. Feel for the cervix – positioned in the upper front or top. To touch easily internal cervix, choose comfortable position.
  • Women cervix is generally little and marginally open to permit the blood to come out during menstrual bleeding.
  • When period gets stop and after menstrual period, the cervix continues low & tough and gap of the uterus remains closed. This situation women can easily reach to cervix with their fingerprints. This stage count infertile.
  • The cervix converts easier, softer, wetter, moister, less firm, climbs towards vagina and opening more, when females approaching ovulation. As volume of estrogen increases in women body, cervix rise high, soft and open right before ovulation happen. High cervical position other sign that females are impending ovulation. Apply index or middle finger inside of vagina to reach slowly towards cervix. When women are not ovulating, can easily reach to cervix and if ovulating, it is hard to contact. This is best time to collect and check cervical mucus because you find pure fertile cervical mucus near cervix.
  • The most productive and accurate time to enjoy sex for succeed pregnancy are when cervix appear spongy, soft, open, wet, waterlogged, smooth in touch, opening gets larger and moves higher up. Observe pure fertility indications are easy when used to checking cervix position. Its need some practice to learn. During or just after having sex, don’t check positioning of cervix.
  • The cervix falls down or rises down, more steady and the opening to the uterus become strongly closed after ovulation or after few days of ovulation.

Time of getting pregnant, women feels softness and risen in the cervix. These all cervix position checking and monitoring can be apply at home to know about fertility to get pregnant. There are variations in pregnant cervix in all women. Due to this variation between women, checking the position of cervical to verify to getting pregnant is not a trustworthy method in early pregnancy.

More reliable technique to find women pregnancy is to have a responsive home pregnancy test or by contacting gynecologist for a pregnancy blood test. Cervix high, medium or low position helps when mark cervical position on fertility chart or spreadsheet.


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