Cervical Mucus Plug

A cervical mucus plug (operculum) blocks and stops the cervical tube & canal the whole time in women pregnancy cycle. Plug shaped by a slight quantity of cervical mucus.

The cervical mucus plug works as an automated mechanism as well as chemical wall to harmful infections that rise from the vagina. The mucus plug is the little extent of mucus that has preserved the cervix for nine months throughout pregnancy cycle.

For the period of pregnancy, it does prevent from germs & bacteria to come into into uterus. As the delivery time comes cervix gets rarefies and thins, in this condition cervix plug not able to get the space and come out instant or slowly with vaginal discharge within some days. Losing the mucus plug is an indication that women’s cervix is expanding and body physique is preparing for labor.

Cervical Mucus Plug Look Like:-

During pregnancy most of the females not aware that they are losing their cervical plug, reason is having already too much fluid release when pregnancy converts in labor or delivery.

Damage of the fluid plug by no processes indicates that labor OR delivery is about to happen. Having intercourse or a vaginal test can also interrupt the mucus plug and shows see little blood-colored discharge. Formation of mucus plug in woman cervix area leads to changes in cervical mucus after conceiving. 

Main function of vagina plug during pregnancy time is to guard cervix & uterus from risky bacteria or other vicious infections. During this, a female feels less cervical discharge or dryness at vagina zone. Some women feel whitish lotion look discharge or egg whites as last stages of pregnancy where it about to convert in labor or delivery.
The next question is how does cervical plug appear or looks like?
Answer is, it could be pure, clear, slightly pinkish, or may be mixed with blood. Cervical mucus plug also be comprise chewy, gluey, sticky, gummy and thickly fluid in behavior.

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