Cervical Mucus Ovulation Guide – Before and After Ovulation Stages

What is Cervical Mucus Ovulation?

Cervical mucus information helps woman to know all about their cervical mucus discharge. Females have list of questions about their cervical mucus discharge after ovulation, some questions could be How to check cervical mucus to observe the best fertile days to getting pregnant.

Ovulation is the stage of the menstrual phase that engages one of the ovaries free an egg (ovum). It normally comes about two weeks before feminine period begins. If that ovum comes across a sperm on its passageway beside the fallopian tube, it means lady journey to motherhood has started.

When woman cervix mucus is in the wet or egg white consistency phase, ovulation is approaching. This is the best time to have sex, if woman have willed to get pregnant. Each women experience ovulation and in many women, ovulation happens one time in every month, from adolescence until menopause, broken up only by pregnancy or breastfeeding. While few women’s are suffer from improper ovulation or don’t ovulate at all.

Ovulation Process

The main task of fertility chart is to observing the structure and color of cervical mucus. Fertility charting, also well-known as charting to conceive, is a natural process many women apply to maintain track of their ovulation, and the days earlier to ovulation. It comprises calculating one’s basal body temperature (BBT) and recording any other natural ovulation signs & symptoms in woman such as slight abdominal bloating, tender breasts and ovulation pain. Cervical fluid discharge helps in understanding woman’s menstrual cycle. Depending on the time of the month, cervical mucus has less or more water.

It could be Thin or thick, and stretchy or cream cheese. Ladies can collect a mucus “sample” by inserting two fingers. A thin, stretchy, slippery structure normally looks like during ovulation which indicates ovulation stage. Moist or sticky 0r white or cream in color cervix mucus discharge which can break easily. Following points will know what the best time for pregnancy when cervical mucus is most fertile.

Before Ovulation (less chance of pregnancy):

After menstruation for a period of 3 – 5 days there will be no and little amount of discharge or moisture present. Women’s feels dryness near her vulva. During this phase, chances of getting pregnant or planning pregnancy are low because in this phase fluid is infertile.

Approaching Ovulation (possibility of pregnancy):

When women approaching fertile discharge which appear wet or steamy and white or creamy in color. CM breaks easily when test it by finger. Woman will only be capable to tweak their fingers about 1 cm separately before it breaks. In the course of this changeover time, initial the mucus of cervix will develop into cloudy and vaguely stretchy at some stage in the finger test (this way that it will still get break before the fingers are expanded all the process). As time leads, the mucus will grow to be superior in quantity.

Right around ovulation (higher chance of pregnancy):

Transparent raw egg white or white is the color of cervical mucus during ovulation. In time of women period cycle the percentage of fluid is high. This type of cervical mucus offers a good environment for sperm to reach an egg. Fertile cervical mucus is a indication that ovulation is coming. For pregnancy it is best for timing intercourse before ovulation. If female can determine when her cervical mucus is most fertile, Females can forecast ovulation and time sex for pregnancy.

Cervical Mucus after Ovulation (less fertility for pregnancy):

Right after ovulation, the cervical mucus becomes less fertile. After ovulation, the amount of cervical fluid discharge starts to turn down and become thicker in consistency. Around the time of ovulation stage if track changes in cervical mucus, the result will be very less fertile-quality means thick and sticky, instead of thin and stretchy. Cervical discharge will thicken and change in color after the end of ovulation. It this sticky stage a clay-like, non-stretchy (doesn’t stretch during finger test) mucus without transparency which is pure white in color fairly assured that this is post-ovulatory stage of cervical mucus. In this condition women can feels that her vagina is drier than during ovulation. If conceived, might even remark implantation bleeding.

In early pregnancy cervical mucus is so related to the cervical mucus woman would generally expel throughout the luteal part that supervising the changes can’t really be used as a trustworthy way to decide pregnancy.

Some women do give statement that they had more cervical mucus discharge than before during early pregnancy, but this condition is not equal for every female. Many factors counting hormonal issues, diet, stress or prescription medications like Clomid could be reason of insufficient production of fertile quality or hostile cervical mucus. Following suggestion will help womanly when they are not producing a proper quantity of fertile quality cervical mucus during fertile time of month.

1. Plenty of water into diet for properly hydrated.
2.  A dietary supplement made to increase cervical mucus production.

 Article Source – www.americanpregnancy.org

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