Egg White Cervical Mucus

Egg white cervical mucus is the supreme fertile quality of all cervical mucus types. After periods women may examine an increase in cervical mucus quantity which change in slippery or greasy pattern after only some days. This clear, springy & stretchy fluid provides permission to sperm to dip with no difficulty into the cervix.

It appears and sense like raw egg whites and it can reach about 5cm without breaking between fingers. The whole time of women menstrual rotation, the sum and superiority of cervical mucus that is create changes, and by studying these variations female can start to forecast the most rich & abundant days in cycle. Having sufficient egg white color cervical mucus during fertile period, get better chances of conceiving.

Egg White Cervical Mucus (EWCM)

Know all about vaginal fluid in color white like raw egg and predict about pregnancy. Ladies cervical mucus changes during all menstrual cycle. On productivity diagrams EWCM an alternative name of Egg white cervical mucus. This mucus count most fertile mucus discharge. Women observe this egg white fluid before ovulation, may be maximum 5days before or very common 2-3 days before. White egg discharge provide best atmosphere for sperm to convert in pregnancy.

As females move toward ovulation, their estrogen intensity start to rise, which causes cervix to release more cervical fluid that is of a so-called “fertile quality”?
The hormones that generate the capsules to discharge an egg during ovulation help enhance the probabilities of pregnancy. Many feminine experiencing changes in her vagina just earlier ovulation such as cervix become smoother and open from edges. Similarly cervical mucus go ahead regularly from gummy to creamy white, then soggy and last change in egg white and when ovulation ends cervical fluid dry & tedious after that return to gummy. Some women have watery or egg-white like fluid just before menstruation, which not good sign for getting pregnant.

How to Check Egg White Cervical Mucus

Monitoring of best fertile cervical mucus discharge, especially egg white color will help woman to know which ideal days for pregnancy is. Observing is very easy if follow these steps: –
Check in underwear if left or in washroom insert clean and dry finger in vagina getting as near to cervix as possible and collect it on toilet paper. If the collected mucus is egg white in color and stretching few inches between fingers. It’s indicate, these are the best fertility days for pregnancy. But don’t check just before and after sex because it will change behavior and color of vaginal discharge.

Egg White Cervical Mucus Problems

Some women find watery cervical secretion instead of egg white color like discharge just before ovulation. It could be cause of less cervical mucus (hostile cervical mucus), not a fertility issue.

In this condition be calm, because this watery mucus also helps in pregnancy. If problem remain same, then best option is contact to gynecologist. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is reason for several spots of egg white just few days before ovulation with less productive cervical mucus. If confuse, women can use each patch as good day to have sex to get pregnant.

There are many natural supplements and product are available online to improve the fertility & productivity of cervical mucus discharge.

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