Cervical Mucus Testing For Women

The cervical mucus testing is a part of feminine fertility test which can be done individually by women at home without more cost. Testing cervical mucus is easy if you are preparing for it and follow this process with dedications.

As women’s approaching ovulation they get variations in her cervical discharge such as changes in regularity, thickness or volume. Hormonal changes through all the menstrual cycle always influence quantity of cervical mucus secrete and quality.

Understanding the type of cervical mucus secretions or discharges related with ovulation will help females to know about best fertile stage every month as well as help them to find out the reason why they are having troubles getting pregnant. Cervical mucus testing also assists women to recognize sperm-friendly mucus in ovulating time. Checking and examining fertile cervical mucus secretion let women help in predict ovulation.

How to Collect and Check Cervical Mucus?

In testing pattern women need to check the percentage and thickness of fluid secretions each day with put down recording at chart. Bellow is step by step guidance for collecting and checking cervical mucus for test:-

  1. Wash hands and dry properly before starting of each test to keep away from moving of any germs into vagina or cervix.
  2. Get relaxed and sit or stand comfortably in washroom.
  3. Put one finger within vagina (be careful scratch yourself or Cautious if you have long fingernails) and round it around to collect mucus.
  4. Remove finger and use toilet tissue to gather the mucus by wiping from front to back.

How to examine the results of cervical mucus testing?

Then analyze the color of the mucus and draw out it between two fingers to look how greatly it can be stretched before it fissure. Nearly the phase of ovulation, it must stretch to numerous centimeters – other words, it won’t get break at all. Below find, how mucus color and behavior help in examine what kind of cervical mucus have in women.

  1. Body is now not ovulating if find no mucus or little amount of mucus.
  2. Sticky Cervical fluid means women are not ovulating at this time. Put down this status on chart and check again next day.
  3. Gluey or limited mucus shows females are possibly not ovulating yet.
  4. Creamy color of mucus gives indication that ovulation about to come, but not presently. Keep observing the cervix mucus each day for a change from creamy to wet and watery.
  5. Soaking, moist, wet and a little stretchy means ovulation is very close. During test wet cervical mucus shows first sign of ovulation.
  6. Women experiencing watery cervical mucus because this stage cervix mucus changes from sticky to watery.
  7. Raw egg white fertile mucus (EWCM) best for pregnancy or getting pregnant. EWCM is the best productive mucus which permits sperms to penetrate the cervix and assists fertilization. Raw egg white is extremely wet, stretches for inch in between fingers. Ovulation has come and best time for intercourse.

 What are tips for cervical fluid testing?

  1. Do not test cervical mucus time of sex as well as right after sex.
  2. Also collect fluid secretion in underwear.
  3. Antihistamines and Clomid drugs can desiccate up cervical mucus. May won’t get proper quantity of mucus as want for testing.

What to do after getting cervical mucus results?

When cycle finished and period begins again, visit doctors with results and discussed them. Gynecologist specialists won’t say yes about the results of cervical mucus test as enough medical confirmation on which to base a diagnosis of infertility. He will recommend another cervical mucus examinations or checks.

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