Yellowish Vaginal Discharge Guide

What is Yellowish Vaginal discharge?

Vaginal secretion means a liquid fluid formed & produced by uterus, cervix and the vagina. Normally fluid discharge in women are clear or whitish in color but sometimes it converts in yellow vaginal mucus discharge caused by infections such as burning, itching, swelling, lesser abdominal pain.


There are many reasons are responsible for thick yellowish colored mucus vaginal discharge. Vaginal infections impact the whole behavior or color appearance of vagina fluid such as, Trichomonas protozoa produced yellow, greenish or gray in color cervical mucus and candida yeast formed thick white or yellow color vaginal discharge.

Bacterial vaginosis bug responsible for slight, lean, light and thin yellow vagina liquid release. Cervicitis conditions which are known irritation in cervix could be reason for heavy quantity of yellow and grayish colored cervical mucus discharge.

During Pregnancy

It is general to have light, weightless or soft in color, thin in regularity yellow liquid release from the vagina during pregnancy. It is also very common to have high volume of estrogen and blood flow in cervix area during pregnancy. In this condition flow of cervical discharge in high percentage or in different colors as females during leads or in advance stages of pregnancy.

All through early pregnancy color of CM is white or clear but delayed pregnancy it is pale, light yellowish in color. If during pregnancy cervical mucus causes smells with burning, itching and irritation it’s means females are affected or risk of infections, contact to women doctor. leukorrhea responsible for increased blood movement and hormones throughout pregnant cycle.

As women pregnant day’s go ahead, women feel light yellowish cervical discharge without risk. But if feel leakage that is dense, dark, heavy, deep, weighty & thickly with color in yellow or green then it may these grounds due to the following reasons: Candidiasis, Trichomoniasis, Chlamydia, Bacterial Vaginosis and Chlamydia.

During Periods

Vaginal fluid discharge is extremely normal for the duration of menstruation. Some women can get such yellow vaginal discharge before period, while others can get it after period. But there many other causes for yellow discharge before menstruation are Bacterial vaginosis which is main reason for fishy smell yellowish liquid discharge. Antibiotics and vaginal creams are good medication or treatment options. Following are some symptoms or indications for yellowish vaginal discharge conditions:-

  1. Bad smell during release.
  2. Rigorous burning cervix area.
  3. Rash in genital part.
  4. Abdominal pain during intercourse.
  5. Blood in the cervical release.


Former to ovulation, during non-productive periods, the woman will live through dehydration or less cervical mucus. Increasingly, as the ladies come close to ovulation, the fluid will multiply, even if the steadiness will be “gummy” or sticky in touch and the color will be yellowish, white or cloudy in characteristics.


When women trying to conceive just after few days of ovulation and gets yellow cervical fluid first time without smell could be reason of comid medicine side effect. In Post-Ovulation stage visit to gynecologist.

Treatment & Precautionary Measures

Yellowish or golden vaginal fluid discharge conditions are different in every woman according to their causes. Physicians or Gynecologist can suggest different testing or check up for yellow fluid secretions according to cause conditions. If Trichomoniasis causes, then physician can prescribe antibiotics. If bacterial vaginosis causes, antibiotics or vaginal creams could be optional. For cervicitis and gonorrhea could be used antibiotics. In case of vaginal yeast infection treatment, specialist doctor may suggest antifungal prescription.

  1. Best curable or treatments is self care, keep cervix area clean or dry.
  2. drink more water
  3. Keep away from Stress
  4. Avoid wearing tight inner wears or choosing cotton undergarments.
  5. Avoid.

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