Brown cervical mucus discharge during periods in women

This article related to brownish cervical mucus discharge during before & after periods and brown spotting with it causes, symptoms and treatments.

Brown Discharge after Period

Many reasons could be responsible for brown vaginal discharge after periods. Sometimes it is very normal or some cases it need medical help. As we know looks and feel of cervical mucus discharge depends their different phases of menstrual cycle as well as it’s fluctuate from woman to woman.

It is normal to have brown discharge in women prior, during and after a period. If it is implantation bleeding than it shows an early sign of pregnancy. It is not easy task to know origin cause of the brown discharge by just monitor it.  Main causes behind browned mucus secretion are:

  1. Postponed periods step towards light bronzed colored brown, dark red and/or dark brownish mucus discharge during and after a period.
  2. Many times, after menstrual cycle endometrial tissues are main reason for coppery colored mucus release. In Other words, it helps in cleaning process of uterus where old blood release with brown tissue colored look.
  3. It could be sign of some sort of injury to any internal section of the generative structure.
  4. Bacterial vaginosis.
  5. Cancer of cervix
  6. Frequent yeast infection

Best treatment option for brown colored discharge after periods is to visit women gynecologist to know about exact source of this disease. Because early revealing of trouble is best way to prevent from this condition.

Brown Discharge before Period

Getting brown discharge before period can impact women’s pregnancy or non-pregnancy cycle. Causes of brown discharge are Polyps, Implantation bleeding, Contraceptive pills and menstrual flow (composed secretion of old blood, endometrial lining, nutrients etc.). Complete diet, exercises, yoga and drinking a lot of water can help women’s in this condition.

Brown Spotting before Period

Having Brownish spotting before periods in women is normal. But some causes could be harmful. This tanned discharge before periods is not the clean and spotless blood; it is the combination with blood, vaginal discharge and cervical mucus. Heavy brown discharge is dangerous than very minor & thin excretion.

Cervical browned mucus excretion is normal if happened a week before period cycle. But contact to doctor if duration is long. Implantation Bleeding, Drugs & Prescriptions, Diseases and Disorders are causes for brown spotting before menstrual phase.

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