Cervical Mucus Methods

Cervical mucus method is path, which used to follow best fertility cycle by females to get pregnant. CM methods related to fertility knowledge and family planning. There are disparities in cervical mucus systems. These procedures help females in observing and charting CM for pregnancy or non-pregnancy. Charting pattern has a great role in CM methods. 

To stop pregnancy, ladies can maintain trail of their menstrual cycles and refrain from defenseless vaginal contact throughout their highest point fertile times. The technique utilizes described fertility awareness-based methods (FAMs). In short the main work of cervical mucus method is to having a track of fertility cycle in women.

Define Cervical Mucus Methodology

In these patterns, women evaluate and record their menstrual cycle days, the waterless & dull days, gluey days, gummy days, sticky days, cloudy & unclear days, wet & watery days, and slippery & dicey days. Women cervical mucus secretion may unusual in feel and appearance during stages. It may be rough, chewy, wet, or creamy. Visit this link to know about how to collect and check cervical mucus?  Following are types of methods used by womanly.

Several women also track cervical mucus when trying to catch pregnancy to recognize when they should have insecure vaginal interaction.

The Mucus sample

  • During girls period, flow wraps the mucus signs.
  • After period, there are dry days, usually a few days without mucus. If the cycle is long, these are safe days.
  • What time an egg begins to ripen, extra fluid is produced. It can find at the opening of the vagina. In color it is yellow or white and cloudy. By touch it gives feeling of sticky or tacky.
  • Usually, women have the large amount cervical discharge mucus just before ovulation. It looks clear and feels slippery — like raw egg white. When it can be stretched between the fingers, it is called spinnbarkeit — German for stretchable. These are the “slippery days.” It is the peak of your fertility.
  • After about four slippery days, you may suddenly have less mucus. It will become cloudy and tacky again. And then you may have a few more dry days before your period starts. These are also safe days.

Billings ovulation method

BOM used by females to observe to know about their fertility or non-fertility during each menstrual cycle. This cervical mucus procedure information helpful for females to reach or elude pregnancy during consistent or inconsistent periods cycles, peri-menopause and breastfeeding. John Billings developed this method with the purpose of Natural family planning and awareness in people about the importance of cervical mucus fertility. The hormones have great part in managing of women menstrual cycles and making of cervical mucus in cervix or vagina.

It also changes the appearance & looks, superiority and amount of cervical fluid discharge just before and during ovulation. The hormones that manage women cycle also create the cervix mucus. It collects on the cervix and in the vagina. And it alters in value and quantity immediately before and during ovulation. This method is also known as the ovulation method or the Billings method.

Achieving Pregnancy: –

CM technique gives best information to females to know best fertility time to have intercourse. During these days cervical fluid in behavior & appearance is springy, stretchy, rich & pure with feeling of lubrication and great amount and quality.

Avoid Pregnancy: –

Fertility awareness methods (FAMs) used by feminine to avoid getting pregnant. In this process females keep monitoring of their menstrual period cycles to avoid pregnancy and desist from insecure vaginal intercourse for the period of their highest productive stages. Cervical mucus procedures understand as the post-ovulatory phase of the cycle as starting three full days after the Peak of cervical fluid. This time of unproductiveness will last up to the 1 day of menstruation. All through this stage of the cycle, intercourse can happen any time at day or night.

Charting Your Mucus Pattern

You should mark a calendar every day. Record your period days, the dry days, tacky days, cloudy days, wet days, and slippery days. Your mucus may feel different in between those stages. It may be granular, rubbery, wet, or creamy. Have someone with experience help you learn your own pattern. You can check your mucus in several ways. Do what is most comfortable for you. Check several times a day. Females can

  1. Wipe the opening of the vagina with tissue before you urinate. Check the color and texture.
  2. Check the color and texture of the cervical discharge on your underpants.
  3. Put clean fingers into the vagina and check the color and texture of the mucus on them.

This method isn’t the best for women who don’t produce much mucus. Women who ovulate on day seven or eight may also have too little mucus.

A females mucus pattern may be altered by:

  • breastfeeding
  • cervical surgery — especially with cryotherapy or electrocautery
  • douches or other “feminine hygiene” products
  • perimenopause
  • up to date use of hormonal contraceptives, including emergency contraception
  • spermicide
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • vaginitis

Creighton Model Fertility Care System:-

The Creighton Model Fertility Care System also related to natural family planning, which helps to tracking and observing the productive periods during females menstrual cycle. Dr Thomas Hilgers developed Creighton Model.

Mucus Method During Safe Days

Do not have unprotected vaginal intercourse on your unsafe days.

  • The days of your period are not safe days, especially during short cycles. The flow can cover the mucus signs.
  • In a long cycle, the dry days after your period may be safe.
  • Days that are not safe begin two or three days before the first sign of slippery mucus. They last for about three days after slippery mucus peaks. Safe days may begin after peak slippery mucus drops off and is cloudy and tacky again. But the dry days that follow are even safer.
    It’s best to abstain from unprotected vaginal intercourse for at least one whole cycle before you start to use this method for birth control.

The Two-Day Method

The 2 days method is a mucus method. It’s for those womanly who are sure or not sure about their discharge.

Note:- This article only for information purpose not for professional advice.

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