Cervical Traction Device for Neck pain

Neck pain is a very common complaint. Number of people is suffering from neck problems. Cervical Traction is very useful device to get relief from these problems.

Traction is a mechanism or force that will help relieve pressure on your skeletal system. All day long gravity pushes down on our bodies, and traction is a means to oppose those forces by providing mild forces in the opposite direction. By applying this we’re simply providing temporary relief to our upper spine.

As a general term, it means pulling on part of the body. Most often, it uses mechanical force (sometimes generated by weights and pulleys) to put tension on a displaced bone or joint, such as a dislocated shoulder, to put it back in position and keep it still. It is also used to keep a group of muscles (such as the neck muscles) stretched to reduce muscle spasms. This is called Cervical Traction. It is really helps to release Neck pain.


  1. Soft padded head halter provides a comfortable interface for the traction.
  2. Ideal for tractions in sitting or sleeping postures.
  3. Complete cervical neck traction kit contains pulley, spreader bar, head halter and cord.
  4. Fit for home use as well as office use.
  5. Pulley is ergonomically designed to fit any door or bed side.
  6. Versatile pulley is designed to fit most bed sides

For more information about Cervical Traction Device Equipment, like How to use  and Instructions visit www.cervicaltraction.in

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