Cervical Mucus Ovulation Stage Types and Phases

All Cervical Mucus Ovulation Stages Types and Phases

Every woman must aware and learn more about her cervical mucus 0vulation stages. Women should really understand about the fertile cervical mucus stages which always come about during women’s life until they are getting menopause.

Even, you can realize about this instance when you have desire to have a baby or avoid. There will be the state for women to experience the infertile phase and it is usually happen some days before and after menstruation. While the condition for the peak fertility can also be seen from the egg white and the elastic mucus some days after menstruation.

Cervical Mucus Stages Types and Phases

Cervical mucus changes are observed for determining when ovulation happens through the monitoring test. As your cycle growths, your cervical mucus increases in volume and changes texture.

This is what your cervical mucus will be like as you go through the various periods of your monthly menstrual rotation. In other words mucus pattern depends on different woman’s cycle. In this day and age, educated women are already known and aware with their natural phase so they can control the state when they are planning to have a baby or not. There are three kinds of Cervical Mucus Stages for Women during 0vulation.

Types of Cervical Mucus Stages

Infertile Mucus Phase

This happens after your menstrual time and also called dry days. This is the most infertile time of the month. Infertile mucus feels extra dry to touch than fertile mucus. It may be yellow, white or opaque. Upon observation by touch between your thumb and index finger, you will come across that it does not stretch or move – it is quite thick.

Slightly Fertile Phase

Possibly Infertile or Slightly Fertile mucus still feels more waterless to touch than fertile mucus. It may be yellow, white or opaque. Upon observation by touch between your thumb and index finger, you will find that it does not stretch or move much but it may be damper or in more total.

The Fertile Phase

When you’re approaching your ovulation, you will experience discharges of cervical mucus in the vagina. At first, this cm will appear moist and sticky and white or creamy in color. Fertile mucus feels watery and slippery compared to infertile mucus. It’s likely to be clear mucus or have a cloudy/white color to it.

Post Ovulation Completely Infertile Phase

After ovulation feeling of wetness will stop and your cm will come back to its ordinary appearance – dry and sticky. Following ovulation, you may stumble on that the mucus may quickly go back to the thick, tacky mucus or you may have none at all, leading up to your period. Some women experience a glob of mucus earlier to getting their period, which is infertile.

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