Cervical Mucus Menstrual Periods Cycle

Cervical Mucus Menstrual Periods Cycles

Women’s are not sure exactly about their cervical mucus (CM) according to look, color, feel and appearance during all stages of menstrual cycle. Every women known that the cervical mucus is a method to decide the stages of ovulation, and to find out the best time to have sexual intercourse.

Though, the cervical mucus stages or types are different, and each phase helps to give information about the possible measurements.

To avoid pregnancy, women can keep follow of their menstrual cycles and go without from insecure vaginal intercourse during their point fertile times. Cervical mucus method help women have to track their fertility cycles.

This article will help in tracking of cervical mucus to know best fertile days for pregnancy and provide all answers related to women questions such as, what cervical mucus looks like throughout cycle. What does cycle Indicate? What kind of look and feel of cervical mucus during cycle? How cervical mucus relates to fertility cycle? Which are fertility & infertility cycle of cervical mucus during periods?

Checking cervical mucus:-

Checking cervical mucus is very easy process. In washroom insert a dirt free finger into vagina which is reaching toward internal cervix and collect cervical mucus by use of toilet paper. It is expected to get more cervical mucus if check after a bowel movement. To know complete method how to collect & check cervical mucus get through by this article. Before collecting a fluid sample, always sure, hands must clean to prevent from the transmission of germs.

Egg white cervical mucus during cycle

Egg white cervical mucus (EWCM) is a kind of cervical fluid that is formed right before ovulation, during a period when women are most fertile. Egg white cervical mucus is the most productive of all CM types because it agrees the sperm to swim with no trouble into the cervix. Its regularity is related to raw egg whites and it can widen an inch or two without breach in the middle.

There is a difference between the white mucus discharge and the egg white cervical mucus, and woman must aware about dissimilarity if she would like to know the most fertile period of the month. If planning to get pregnant, the probabilities are higher because it produces very fertile mucus in cervical.

Watery cervical mucus during cycle

After egg white CM, Watery cervical mucus during cycle also fertile and good for conception. It permits sperm to travel unchecked into the cervix, but doesn’t make the sperm’s job fairly as easy. 

During watery cervical mucus women experience leaked urine in your underwear. Wet and runny cervical mucus is clear in color and drops or runs off your fingers. Usually, a clear watery discharge happens at different phases of the cycle and is weighty after exercises.

But if they smell unpleasant, they turn into the primary signs of problems, among which bacterial vaginitis gets the 1st position. It reasons the discharges that are accompanied by itching, redness and burning. Your medical specialist will definitely prescribe antibiotics for it. It is very common clear watery discharges during pregnancy.

Creamy cervical mucus cycle

Creamy cervical mucus is measured non-fertile because it genuinely limits the change of sperm. Creamy cervical mucus looks in color patterns a pearly white or creamy yellow. It’s thick and feels like lotion while you rubbed between the fingers.

Sticky cervical mucus cycle

Tacky or sticky cervical mucus is the less fertile. It’s thick and chunky and after touch like paste or like glue from a glue stick, making it difficult for sperm to swim through.

Cervical Mucus Patterns Chart


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