Omni Cervical Relief Pillow buy Online

This article help in find out all benefits and specification of Omni cervical relief pillow before you buy it online or go for shopping. This neck support device is very comfortable and effective traction device for neck pain. It is awesome bed pillow that provides relief from headache pain and neck pain. It is a magnificent device  to achieve still point therapy and total mind-body relaxation.

Inappropriate Cervical curvature is one of the major cause of headaches and neck pain. Try  OMNI bed pillow for 15 minutes a day to help restore proper cervical curvature and release you from neck pain and headaches. Omni neck pillow based upon principles of Osteopathic medicine and Craniosacral  therapy. Omni support pillow recommended by Physical therapists, Massage therapists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Osteopaths.

OMNI Neck Support Pillow Benefits:

  1. The relaxing Omni Pillow supports the base of the head to produce a calming, restorative effect on the central nervous system.
  2. This soft pillow gently holds the base of your head, supporting your neck in proper cervical curvature while creating a gentle traction, and cervical still point induction which allows the body & mind to completely unwind, relax, and renew.
  3.  Relaxes neck, shoulder and back tension
  4. Good for meditation, relaxation, relief from tension headaches and neck pain
  5. Protect the patient’s head during surgery
  6. Experience total relaxation, unwind from mental stress & fatigue.

OMNI Relief Pillow Specifications:

  1. Made in the USA
  2. Made of high resiliency, firm foam with a flexible vinyl coating for easy cleaning.

How To Use Omni Cervical Pillow?

Place the Omni Cervical Relief Pillow on a flat horizontal or vertical surface. Lean back into the Omni neck support pillow making sure the base of your head is supported on the stabilizing lobes. Relax the full weight of your head, neck and shoulders to experience the total support and comfort from the gentle traction and still point therapy it creates.

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