Know How to Collect and Check Cervical Mucus?

Methods to Collect and Check Cervical Mucus?

Procedure to check cervical mucus is not tough task. Every woman must aware about this process while examining fertile cervical mucus weight-age. The more stretchy and springy mucus means the more fertility. Cervical Mucus (CM) is also sometimes called cervical fluid (CF), cervical discharge. It refers to the fluid formed by the crypts of the cervix during the menstrual cycle. 

Changing throughout the menstrual cycle in rejoin to ovarian hormones, cervical mucus is noticeable at the cervix or as it passes into the vagina. Following steps are most common ways of collecting cervical mucus sample:

  • First, wash and dry hands properly.
  • Insert two hygienic and wash fingers in vagina, waiting can touch cervix and collect some mucus.
  • Spread the entrance of vagina, Use toilet tissue to collect the mucus by wiping from front to back.
  •  The most precise method to collect cervical mucus is to enter finger into internal vagina and circle finger around cervix or as close as the cervix. This will allow to actually collecting the cervical mucus instead of just its wetness.

Then examine the color of the fluid and stretch it between two fingers to see how far it can be stretched before it breaks. Around the time of ovulation, it should enlarge to several centimeters – in fact, it may not break at all.

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Tips While Checking Cervical Mucus

  •  Before collecting a mucus sample, be sure to wash hands first in order to avoid the transmission of germs.
  • Do not measure cervical mucus during or right after sex.

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